Sunday, October 23, 2011

Mr & Mrs Wan - Sungai Long

Mr & Mrs. Wan are definetely the best couple that i ever had the privilages to work with. They gave me the freedom to express myself in the design while providing me with the ample budget to execute the idea. Its a total makeover of the outdoor landscape area with pebblewash columns to go with feature wall stones, simen rendering wall, koi pond, timber decking and finally the landscape. Both me and them are very happy with the final outcome and once again, i would like tthank them for giving me the chance to work with them.

 Chengai Timber Decking with Planter Box near the Fencing Area

Ficus Ginseng Bonsai as the Main Feature for the Landscape Area
Natural Stone Finishing for the Main Entrance Columns
 Landscape to soften the Natural Stone Fencing
Overall View of the Koi Pond, Landscape Area, Timber Decking, Pebblewash and Natural Stone Columns

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mr.Chin - Saujana Maplewood, Subang

Mr. Chin contacted me regarding his intention of redoing this filtration system for his pond. As we continue further into the discussion, he convey his hope of redoing the feature wall without any major hacking to the existing pond structural works. The existing water feature was done without proper thought put into it and therefore the noise level for the water feature was quite high and it became a hindrance to his neighbor as the area is quite a peaceful neighborhood. Filtration system was done by landscape contractor and not koi pond specialist and therefore the whole system was wrong and the water was greenish with a very strong odour coming out from it. 

Monday, September 26, 2011

Current projects status

Good day to all, sorry for the lack of updates. Most of the projects now are in the final phrase and I will upload them once I completed the projects. Stay tuned!!

Current project running:
Desa ParkCity feature stone wall, koi pond, decking and landscape
Saujana Subang pond rectification works
Sungai Long koi pond and landscape works
Mutiara Damansara Homes Filtration System
Bukit Jelutong Pebblewash rectification works

Do note however that I only run 1 project at a time to ensure the best quality of works is available for every project. Most of the works stated above is now pending due to other renovation works on the current site.

Have a pleasant day.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ms. Ng - Amverton Park, Bukit Kemuning Feature Pond

Kelvin - Setia Eco Park Semi-D Water Feature & Landscape

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

NV Beauty & Spa

This project was introduced by my Interior Designer friend whom i also did a few projects for him before. The spa is located in Cyberjaya and there will be franchise all over Malaysia soon. Design was provided by my ID friend which i tweeted a little to suit the environment and for the practicality of the water feature. A water feature for your business center does bring wonders to the overall environment of your office ;)

Ricky - Tropicana's Koi Pond & Landscape

Ricky engaged me first as the consultant for his koi pond and filtration system and as we progress further into the project, i chip in some ideas for the overall design of the feature walls and the planter box too. Further down the road, as the unit is nearly completion, Ricky engaged me for the landscape project too and this is the end result of the projects.

Friday, May 6, 2011

David - Setia Eco Park Koi Pond and Landscape

David engaged me for his koi pond and landscape designer after being introduced to me by Jason, Bukit Rimau, my previous client. For his koi pond design, i used a more modern approach with minimalism lines instead of curve and mix around vertical and horizontal blocks to soften up the whole pond. I've also included the chengal timber decking for the patio and with the landscape design, it is an oasis within a house. 

Friday, April 22, 2011

Kak Julia, Shah Alam Seksyen 7

Kak Julia is a lovely lady who engage my service after browsing through the web and found my website. I've proposed a more modern Balinese concept garden for her bungalow unit. I've designed everything from the koi pond to the landscape to the gazebo and constructed the koi pond and the landscape area. For the gazebo unit it is under the main-con's job scope therefore in the pictures you could see that it has not been completed yet.

Video of the Koi Pond and Overall Landscape Area

Friday, March 18, 2011

Ms. Tang - Setia Eco Park Completed Landscape and Feature Pond Project

This is the updated post for Ms. Tang's project at Setia Alam. Completed and touched up everything from the pebblewash letterbox to the final coating for the timber decking to the landscape job. 

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Work status update.

Good day and a very happy new year too all readers!! Sorry as i've been unable to upload the latest projects that are currently ongoing as i've been quite busy with managing the sites. It's been a hectic month as there are currently 3 projects running but everything is smooth and will be completed soon. Do come back often to checkup the site and look forward for your continuing support! Wish all of us a very fulfilling 2011!