Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Marcus - Taman Setia Impian Kajang Koi Pond

Marcus initially approached me to quote for a koi pond job around March earlier this year but decided against engaging me due to his contractor's recommendation that he could construct a koi pond for him. Few months later, he contacted me again as the contractor did a very poor job without a proper koi pond system for him. Due to the poor condition of the pond, the only option was to remove everything that has been done and to redo it properly. 

Poorly constructed koi pond by a contractor without any proper filtration system. 

End result of the newly constructed koi pond

A proper koi pond with a properly done filtration system

Always check on the portfolio and projects done by the contractor before engaging them. To construct a koi pond with crystal clear water isn't easy and it comes with experience. We at La Revee Landscape & Florist have a team of 20 years of experience constructing koi ponds and water features and has done over 100 ponds over the years. We maintain the workmanship level and doesn't sub out our projects. Call/Whatsapp Nick at 012 347 8812 for inquiries. 

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Mr. Zainol - Seksyen 11 Shah Alam Feature Pond

Mr. Zainol was introduced to my service by Ms. Ramona. He wanted a simple feature pond for his garden area facing the dining hall. A simple approach with dark tone color will help maintain the beauty of the feature pond for years.  

3 pieces of water blade feature wall

Always insist on a professionally done koi pond instead of engaging a normal contractor to construct one that won't work as intended. We at La Revee Landscape & Florist has been solving and constructing koi ponds and water features since 2009. Our filtration system works in ensuring crystal clear water for the koi pond with minimal maintenance needed for the koi pond. Contract/Whatsapp Nick at 012 347 8812 for inquiries.