Thursday, February 23, 2017

Common Misconception Regarding Bio-Filter Koi Pond

I'm writing this post as an educational post to clear some common misconception regarding having a bio filter filtering system for a koi pond. I've been designing and constructing koi ponds for 8 years and there are a few issues/worries that my clients face when they are deciding if they wanted a koi pond or which type of filter system to go to. I hope to clear some misconception regarding this matter by writing this post so that you could weight yourself regarding which filter system better suit your needs.

Common misconception No.1 : Heavy maintenance to maintain a bio filter koi pond

Truth : A proper filter system would require you to service/clean the filter system once every few weeks. That's the truth regarding a bio filter koi pond. However, one needs to understand that it is VERY important to have a good mechanical filtration system to remove solids from the water ( fish faeces, algae, leaves, organic waste, etc ) It is unhealthy for the fishes to have every single waste inside their pond where they live. A properly done mechanical filtration system ( chamber system ) will remove the waste from the pond and into the filter where they should belong. The bio filter part comes from the filtering media ( japan mats, corals, UV lights and pump system ) where they would breed healthy micro-organisms where they will convert the ammonia into nitrites and from nitrites into nitrates which will feed the healthy algae inside the pond.

It takes my clients normally 30 minutes to an hour of self cleaning the filter system every few weeks. You need a proper mechanical filter where the system is done properly, it translates to a easily maintained filter system with a healthy with crystal clear water for your kois.

Common misconception No. 2 : Foul/Fishy water smell

Truth : A properly done mechanical bio filter koi pond WILL NOT have foul or fishy water smell if the pond is maintained correctly. The reasons why there are many koi ponds with foul and fishy water smell are due to sub par contractors who built the ponds without any experience and knowledge regarding how to properly build a system that suits your area and needs. The filters won't work therefore the waste are collected inside the pond with no way to filter them out. Always engage a knowledgeable contractor to construct your koi pond. You won't want to waste your hard earn money on a sub par koi pond's construction with a foul smelling water.

Common misconception No. 3 : There is a better maintenance free way to construct a koi pond

Truth : There are NO maintenance free koi pond. There just aren't. There are NO WAY for the claim that bacteria can eliminate waste produced by the fishes from the pond itself. Every pond will need to be maintained somehow in order to achieve healthy crystal clear water. Mechanical Bio Filter works best for me as it moves most of the waste from the fish to the filter are where is it easily clean without having need to touch the pond area. That's the reason why real hobbyist and breeders are all using bio filters. I can't stress this enough, the bio filter system works perfectly, it's just that sub par contractors that screw it up for the clients.

Common misconception No. 4 : Bio filter koi pond requires a bigger space to construct

Truth : Alternative filtration system does embed the filtering system into the bottom of the pond itself hence you can have a bigger pond. But the drawback are the wastes are all collected inside the pond with no way of cleaning it yourself. In order to have a healthy living space for your kois, mechanical bio filter chamber system is the way to go. The benefits outweighs the cons of not having one. You can easily service the filter yourself whenever you want, the waste is collected into the filter and you can replace the filter media anytime to maintain optimal performance.

Conclusion :

There are only 2 types of bio filter koi ponds. A good one and a bad one. A properly done koi pond will not give you much trouble in maintaining it. Instead you will grow to love the beauty of your kois and the well-being of them. Trouble comes when clients wanted to construct a koi pond but due to budget limitation they opt for the cheapest quoted price or the empty works of the contractors who claim they could build a koi pond. I always advise my clients, take your time to do research and understand the contractor that you plan to engage, look at their portfolio. If the budget is a problem, hold on from constructing the pond for few months. I would rather them to consider their options properly than to engage a cheaper alternative and end up with a faulty pond.

We at La Revee Landscape & Florist has been designing, solving and constructing koi ponds for 8 years. My workers are all skilled workers that have been in this koi pond constructing industry for 20 years. It has always been my passion to build and construct koi ponds for my clients. The beauty of a koi pond in your home, the smooth relaxing water sound and the energetic swims of the kois are a joy to behold. Always insist on engaging a proper contractor to construct your koi pond. Contact/Whatsapp Nick at 012 347 8812 for inquiries. Thanks.