Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mr.Lim,Balakong Feature Pond Project

Mr.Lim engage me after browsing through this website and meeting me up to discuss the details of the pond. The project is located in a industrial area in Balakong which is the new location of their factory. They required a more bright Balinese Feature with 3 levels of water. I really feel honored to be able to get to know Mr.Lim and his mom, both very kind and understanding people. The structure of the pond is fully concrete as to support the vibration and movement of the industrial area.

Front view of overall pond with Palimantan Stones, Pebblewash and stone cladding.

Overall view of the pond with water sound quality..

Monday, July 26, 2010

Mr.Lim,Balakong Feature Pond Project

Stay tuned as i've just completed a project in Balakong Industrial Area and will upload the picture of a more Balinese Concept Water Feature in a few days. Final touch up of the project and everything is done...
Stay tuned...

Monday, July 5, 2010

Mr.Kenneth Yee, Putra Heights

Mr.Kenneth Yee engage me as his koi pond contractor by finding me through this website. He would like to build the Koi pond with surrounding Timber Decking at his patio in front of his dining and living area. Sorry for the messy picture as this was taken while the house is still under renovation. :)

Overall View of Koi Pond with Timber Decking

Mr Radhi Cheah, Kota Kemuning

Mr. Radhi has an existing pond that he would like to extend as his current pond is without a filtering system but supported by a stand alone filtering fiber box and he also would like to have more koi fishes in his pond. The existing pond stands at 10'ft x 4'ft x 2'ft deep with the new extended pond stands at another 13'ft x 10'ft x 4'ft deep.