Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Mr. Goh - Denai Alam

Mr. Goh came across me while googling for Koi Pond Contractor. He wanted to convert the existing rain water harness pond that came with the house to a koi pond. 

Simple Modern Water Feature with Natural Stone Feature Wall

Mei - Setia Eco Park

Mei came to know me after viewing my website. She is having problems with her pond's leakage. She also wanted to cover up the main koi pond which is located at the front of the house and to lay new pebblewash and tiles to replace the existing walkway tiles.

 New Artificial Stone Craving Fountain

New Pebblewash with Tiles Pathway

Another View of Fountain

Modern Feature Wall

Panaroma View of the Koi Pond Area

Mr. Sawal - Kajang Pond Rectification

Mr. Sawal approached me to rectify his exiting koi pond which is being overrun by constant growth of algae. The main problem for the pond are the improper filtration system. I've suggested to use a dual filter system which is to use his existing filter and also added on sand gravel system at the bottom of the pond.

After Rectification

Overall View of the Rectified Pond