Sunday, November 29, 2009

Valencia,Pauline's Koi Pond

Did this simple raised up pond for lovely Pauline at Valencia. She wanted a simple pond without hacking the existing structure and this is what both me and her come up with.

Sunway Rahman Putra Pebblewash Works Job Done

This is the final outcome of the pebblewash work for Sunway Rahman Putra Semi-D unit done after
5 days of works.The pebbles used are AMP 5#.

Front Gate Column with Fencing Pebblewash Works

Front Gate Columns with Stairs and Wastage Disposal Area

Close-up on the Pebblewash Works

Another Close-up View

Monday, November 16, 2009

Sunway Rahman Putra Pebblewash Works

The owner of this unit would like to have pebblewash finishes to replace the existing paints that the developer had for his carpark and garden area.The existing paint works is worn off and some of it has fungus and dirts that are hard to be removed.Here is the existing pics of the unit and more pics will be uploaded once the project is finished.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Damansara Indah,Kota Damansara

The owner would like for a total makeover for his landscaping and he prefers a more Balinese concept for his new landscape,with wooden Gazebo and a Koi Pond for his landscape.

Water Feature total length = 24'ft x 6'ft height
Pond Size = 26'ft x 10'ft x 4'ft deep
Koi Pond Project Cost = RM30000

Natural Stone Do Wonders to Your Existing Structure

Ever think that your existing wall or floor looks dull?With the normal paint finish or with some dull looking tiles with dirts wearing itself on it as time flies?Here is a solution for your consideration, try using natural stone finishes.You will be amazed what it could do to brighten up and enhance your existing wall or floor. And the best thing,since it's natural stone,it will always look the same and refreshing no matter how long it has been there.

Food for thought. :)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Zhuellig Pharma, Bukit Jelutong

I designed the landscape for Zhuellig Pharma at Bukit Jelutong.Had a few discussion and proposals with their manager to decide on the concept as they wanted something fresh and relaxing for their launching of the new factory.Here is the final outcome of the landscape design.
Main Entrance Roundabout

Lobby's Waiting Area Potted Landscape with Pebbles

Indoor Potted Landscape with Pebbles

Office Area's Potted Plant

Guard House's Lanscape

Guard House Landscape 2

Big House Management Services Sdn Bhd Office Landscape

This is a office landscape that I did in Desa Petaling.The CEO of this company wanted to have a indoor water feature for his office and some potted landscape for his office's entrance and below is the end result of the design that I did.
Main Entrance Water Feature with Potted Plants

CEO's office Custom Built Indoor Water Feature

Close-up of the Water Feature

Entrance Potted Plant Landscape

Entrance Potted Plant Landscape View 2

Villa Aseana,Dato James Bungalow Unit

This is a bungalow unit located at Villa Aseana,Mont Kiara. The owner prefers a more Balinese Tropical feel to the landscape but I've proposed that we keep it to a more modern Balinese as it is more easy to maintain and will create a more refreshing visual and feeling to the whole landscape.Here is a few shoots of the finished project which also consist of a Koi Pond and Gazebo with Timber Decking.
Front View of the Water Feature for Koi Pond

Overall View of the Whole Koi Pond & Timber Decking
with Gazebo and Planter Box

Timber Walkway towards Gazebo & Koi Pond Area

Close up View of the Gazebo and Surrounding Landscape

Car Park's Landscape

Car Park's Landscape

Side Garden