Friday, April 22, 2011

Kak Julia, Shah Alam Seksyen 7

Kak Julia is a lovely lady who engage my service after browsing through the web and found my website. I've proposed a more modern Balinese concept garden for her bungalow unit. I've designed everything from the koi pond to the landscape to the gazebo and constructed the koi pond and the landscape area. For the gazebo unit it is under the main-con's job scope therefore in the pictures you could see that it has not been completed yet.

Video of the Koi Pond and Overall Landscape Area


  1. I see the pond which is a made in the house and it is a nice idea and the small pine line to make to rich the water to the garden , I like this technique most .

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  2. Can you build gazebo and koi pond for my house in Beruas, Perak?