Tuesday, June 21, 2011

NV Beauty & Spa

This project was introduced by my Interior Designer friend whom i also did a few projects for him before. The spa is located in Cyberjaya and there will be franchise all over Malaysia soon. Design was provided by my ID friend which i tweeted a little to suit the environment and for the practicality of the water feature. A water feature for your business center does bring wonders to the overall environment of your office ;)

Ricky - Tropicana's Koi Pond & Landscape

Ricky engaged me first as the consultant for his koi pond and filtration system and as we progress further into the project, i chip in some ideas for the overall design of the feature walls and the planter box too. Further down the road, as the unit is nearly completion, Ricky engaged me for the landscape project too and this is the end result of the projects.