Saturday, June 25, 2016

Mr. Tan came across my service by searching on the internet. He wanted to redo his existing pond as his previous pond's filtration system wasn't properly done and the water quality are not that ideal. Do kindly note that only with a properly done filtration system, crystal clear water are easily achievable. Always insist on profesionally done koi pond. Contact 012 347 8812 (Nick) for more info.

Simple dark finishes of the wall complement the yellowish pebblewash of the pond.

Overall view of the pond with the filter system. A larger filter works better at filtering the water and will be less hastle for you to maintain.

Overall view of the actual koi pond with 4'ft deep. Crystal clear water with healthy algae growing on the wall and on the bed of the pond.

Video of the Koi Pond's Water Quality