Saturday, November 20, 2010

Mr. Lee, Rawang Country Homes

This is another indoor setup for koi pond which i did for Mr. Lee who is a first timer in kois. The whole structure was raised as to save costs and for it not to affect the core structure of the building itself. Design was more towards Modern Balinese and the two water blades provide ample oxygen for the koi and bacteria. 

Amelia, Desa Park City Indoor Feature Pond

This was a small feature pond that i did 1 month back for the owner at Amelia, Desa Park City. Design was provided by the designer of the house which i did a few changes as it was not too ideal setup initially. 

The owner are happy about the finished product. Glad that i could be service to them. ;)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

New project. Shah Alam Seksyen 7.

Good day to all. Been badly sick for the past few days and took a while for me to fully recover but here's the latest project I'm currently doing for this lovely couple, Kak Julia and her husband at Shah Alam Seksyen 7. It's a corner bungalow unit with a huge garden space. Here is the 3D rendering of the proposed water feature and i will post updates on the job progress soon. 

Stay tuned for more!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Professional Koi Pond & Water Feature Contractor

We at La Revee Landscape & Florist works hard to ensure that you as the client will be getting :

1) Quality design and pond construction with proper aesthetic design values that enhance and blends into your overall landscape and house concept.

2)  Proper filtration system with genuine parts and pumps so that you won't be having maintenance nightmare.

3) Proper advise and recommendation for koi beginners to avoid mistakes and to enjoy your new found hobby to the fullest.

4) QUALITY workmanship and materials for the finishes and SOLID & EXPERIENCED CONSTUCTION to prevent leakage.

5) Follow up services. We strive to ensure that our product works best for your interest. We do not and will not avoid problems when arise instead of avoiding/disappearing.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ms. Iza, Ara Damansara Pebblewash and Feature Pond

Ms. Iza wanted to redo her whole carpark area. Her existing carpark has been hacked out and she wanted to lay a new layer of pebblewash with tiles to soften up the space. The existing garden area too is quite messy with the plants start to outgrown each other and with the water clogging problem hence the algae problem on some parts of the ground. I've come out with a proposal to redo the whole garden with a water feature and planter box so that everything is systematic and pleasant to the eyes. This is the final result.

It's been a pleasure to get to know Ms. Iza. A very lovely person who is understanding and she knows what she wants and will understand and take into consideration my suggestion which makes it an easy business relationship between both of us. Here i would like to take opportunity to wish her all the best in her and her husband's life. It's been a pleasure knowing you and doing your business.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Guide to Designing a Landscape Space

A nice landscape is a scenery worth a million dollars to the eyes after a day of hard work.
It does need a specialize specialist in order to fully utilize your garden area and enhance it into something practical and presentable. Designing process could be overwhelming as there are many elements that could be incorporate into the landscape area. Here are some points that could be taken into consideration while designing the landscape area.

1) Water Feature.
A running water has a calming effect to the mind and body of an individual. A well designed water feature works wonder on the landscape area regardless of the size of type of the water feature be it a koi pond or stand alone water feature. The running water sound welcomes nearly everyone and makes the outdoor experience more smoothing. There are few types of water feature ie, koi pond, water feature wall, potted water feature, fiber tanks, wooden water feature, bird bath etc.

2) Patio/Decking
Patio or decking is recommended if you plan to utilize the outdoor space to socialize or for relaxing. The reason is that the grass under the tables and chairs will not grow ideally as it doesn't receive the amount of sunlight necessary for it to grow optimally. Patio/decking too brings a more modern clean look compare to the traditional whole grass area landscape. For those who are tight in budget, you could always get a few of concrete slabs and place it strategically as a replacement for the patio/decking. It works wonder too.

3) Understanding the Location of your Garden Area
Ideally, grass should receive around 8 hours of undisrupted sunlight in order for it to grow optimally. It is better to select the grass and location for it to grow rather than forcing it to grow as you could waste your initial spending. Space planing is important for landscape too. Places that receive less to no sunlight could be replaced with pebbles or other hardscape and landscape product. Understanding the water flow of the landscape is too important as too many water clogging in your soil area basically ruins everything. It's better to understand and to settle the problem first than to regret it later.


4) Add ons
Add ons usually brings out the landscape area to a whole new level. Accessories like Gazebo, Pergola, Swings are a few items that could be costly, but works wonder on the overall look. Feature pot that could be used as a stand alone item or as potted plants could be use to break up barriers in the landscape area. Items like stepping stones / concrete slabs are used as a walkway instead of walking on the grass as it might injured the grass itself. Pebbles and rocks brings a more modern look to the landscape design. Railway wood adds an element of nature to it.

5) Maintenance
Be sure of how often you would like to maintain your garden. Are you available daily,weekly,monthly or are you looking to engage outsider or specialist to do your maintenance for a fees. Different plants and grass have different type of maintenance. For example, pearl grass doesn't need to be trim therefore it is considered low maintenance grass. But the downside is that it attracts ants. Philippine grass are nicer and finer but it does need to be maintain at least once a month. Do note that if the grass are left unattended too long, the lower part of the grass will dry off as it loses out on the sunlight required for it to stay healthy. There are few types of plants that require less maintenance too. Do keep in mind that a well done landscape will not remain a well done landscape unless it is maintain regularly.

Here at La Revee Landscape & Florist, we aim to provide the necessary specialty and design in order to achieve the ideal landscape at an affordable cost . Everyone deserve to have a personalize landscape at their retreat and we are here to help.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Higher Quality Video of Jason's Koi Pond Water Quality

Thursday, August 19, 2010

3D Rendering with Complete Project Comparison 2

Madam Ang Ai Sim
This wonderful lady was introduced by Jason during the time i did his project. She stayed in this bungalow lot for a good few years but she didn't manage to do the landscape area. Existing landscape is just normal cow grass covering the whole garden area. After this garden transformation, she told me that she always sit in the garden table for morning tea and during friends come over.

Madam Ang Ai Sim

3D Rendering with Complete Project Comparison

Mr. Jason from Bukit Rimau
I do need to make an appointment with him to take a night view picture of the koi pond. It really does have a resort view with spotlight and garden lighting. Will upload it up once i have it. 

Mr.Lim from Balakong. This was done in a factory area. Fully concrete to support the movement caused by the lorries and machines. 

I'll upload more once I've edited the pictures. Stay tuned for more.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Good day to all. Been busy this week preparing some proposals for a few projects. Will update a few samples of 3D drawing soon so that you will get an idea of how I present my ideas to potential clients. Stay tuned..

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Yvonne, Seksyen 11, Kota Damansara

There's actually an existing feature pond done by the contractor of the renovation engaged by Yvonne but as the contractor has no background on building it, there was alot of problems that surfaced after completion i.e water leakage, unbalance water blade feature etc. Yvonne finally engaged me to redo the whole structure and this is the final result.

Existing Water Feature. Picture has been pixelated as to protect the integrity of the contactor. This was the existing design of the pond that was up for around 1 week.

Final Result of the New Water Feature

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Jason's Koi Pond Water Quality and Sound

Jason, Bukit Rimau, Kota Kemuning Koi Pond water and sound quality. Filteration system is located below the timber decking. Koi fishes has been in the pond for around 5 months plus. Somehow i cant seem to be able to upload a better quality video on this website. Do visit for a better quality video.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mr.Lim,Balakong Feature Pond Project

Mr.Lim engage me after browsing through this website and meeting me up to discuss the details of the pond. The project is located in a industrial area in Balakong which is the new location of their factory. They required a more bright Balinese Feature with 3 levels of water. I really feel honored to be able to get to know Mr.Lim and his mom, both very kind and understanding people. The structure of the pond is fully concrete as to support the vibration and movement of the industrial area.

Front view of overall pond with Palimantan Stones, Pebblewash and stone cladding.

Overall view of the pond with water sound quality..

Monday, July 26, 2010

Mr.Lim,Balakong Feature Pond Project

Stay tuned as i've just completed a project in Balakong Industrial Area and will upload the picture of a more Balinese Concept Water Feature in a few days. Final touch up of the project and everything is done...
Stay tuned...

Monday, July 5, 2010

Mr.Kenneth Yee, Putra Heights

Mr.Kenneth Yee engage me as his koi pond contractor by finding me through this website. He would like to build the Koi pond with surrounding Timber Decking at his patio in front of his dining and living area. Sorry for the messy picture as this was taken while the house is still under renovation. :)

Overall View of Koi Pond with Timber Decking

Mr Radhi Cheah, Kota Kemuning

Mr. Radhi has an existing pond that he would like to extend as his current pond is without a filtering system but supported by a stand alone filtering fiber box and he also would like to have more koi fishes in his pond. The existing pond stands at 10'ft x 4'ft x 2'ft deep with the new extended pond stands at another 13'ft x 10'ft x 4'ft deep.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Mr.Chong, Villa Manja Bungalow Unit

Mr.Chong was introduced to me by my cousin brother who operates a garden business in Sungai Buluh. He wanted a very basic landscape compromise of just Pearl Grass and a Feature Koi Pond in front of his Dining Area. I came out with this design of a water flowing on the natural stone in the middle with 2 water blade features on the side.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Mr Cheah, Desa Parkcity Bungalow Unit

Mr.Cheah would like to do a Chengai Timber Decking for the backdoor garden as the current garden was in a total mess. The garden area was unable to receive sunlight therefore the grass couldn't grow ideally and the soil was on the verge of being rotton. Here is the new Decking with Pergola Design for Mr.Cheah's Unit.

Chengai Timber Decking with Rattan Furniture

Chengai Pergola with Polycarbonat

Outdoor look on the Chengai Pergola with Polycarbonat

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mr Jason, Sri Damai Semi-D Landscape

Mr. Jason came across me by reading this blog. He would like to have a large koi pond as he would like to bring his hobby to another level. I came out with this design and the pond is a large pond with the size of 18'ft x 10'ft x 4'ft deep with additional filter area of 10'ft x 4'ft. The pond finishes is simen rendering and it blends in well with the surrounding landscape area. His landscape area design is modern japanese concept with easy 
maintenance in mind.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sri Damai Bungalow Unit,Kota Kemuning

Did this pond project for the lovely owner,Madam Ang, recommended by her friend whose landscape i am currently doing too. Her landscape build-up is squarish and doesn't have any fencing so she would prefer a feature koi pond without a feature wall. This is the design that i came up with...

Hereby i take this opportunity to thank Madam Ang for the opportunity to design and build her landscape. Your kind response and loving nature i will keep it in my heart forever. God bless...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New Design Fiber Pond Promotion

Good news for those who wishes to have a koi pond but worried about the space available at home. This affordable Fiber Pond with a Unique Design is selling for a  Promotion pricing RM9300 with 1 water feature. Installation fees consist of an extra RM1800 for excavation of site and piping works. The fiber pond size is 8'ft x 4'ft with additional 3'ft x 4'ft filtering system.

3D Rendering of the Fiber Pond

Another 3D Rendering of the Fiber Pond

*Additional Water Feature cost RM500 per item.
**Feature pot excluded in the pricing.

Fiber Pond Sample

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Setia Eco-Park, Mr. Chia Bungalow Unit

Mr. Chia wanted a new filtering system as his existing sand filter system couldn't support the size of the pond thus making his koi pond's water greenish.He also wanted a new pergola with timber decking to go with the new filtering system.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Putrajaya Precint 10, Mr Aziz

Mr. Aziz wanted a total makeover for his garden area with a more Modern Balinese design. He would like to have wooden pergola with fencing covering his garden area and I've proposed a big feature pond for the front garden.