Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Good day to all. Been busy this week preparing some proposals for a few projects. Will update a few samples of 3D drawing soon so that you will get an idea of how I present my ideas to potential clients. Stay tuned..


  1. hi,i like ur blog,share more photos please.. :)
    like to know, normallu how much the budget for water features,the minimum u can do.

  2. Hi Nick, do you have any good design for fence? I stay in terrace house. My neighbours (both sides!) kept putting their mops facing my house. Worst case was when one just put a wet mop head onto my side and all my new seedlings in pots got 'drown' (died!). Both fence are not made by me. So, I really need some help on this are. I think iron grill will be best solution as I cannot afford a thick brick wall. I need space as much as possible and good air ventilation.

  3. hi kirana, thanks for your kind compliments..u too have a nice personal blog..
    normally water features range from rm4k above depending on sizes and requirements. but i would say 4k would be the minimum budget for custom made water features

  4. sorry to hear that stephanie. are the existing fence those type of chicken mesh provided by developer? actually you do need your neighbour permission to hack off existing and replace it with a new 1..maybe you could give me more information and i will be glad to help you out.i do think iron grill will be much costlier compare with brick walls though. and yeah, brick walls could be design so that you have a good air ventilations for your plants. :)

  5. Yes one side chicken mesh done by the developer and the other side brick wall with two pipes diagonaly installed on the top (already built onto neighbour's ground). I was thinking of installing something that does not touch both sides. My fence has to cover what ever they want to place onto their wall/fence. Design wise, I like contemporary with simple lines. If iron is expensive then, painted steel or marine wood. If possible modular system so that I could dismantle easily if I don't want it later. I would need about 20 feet length of fence in total (10 feet each side). Send me your proposal and quotation to my email. Thanks!