Sunday, November 1, 2009

Villa Aseana,Dato James Bungalow Unit

This is a bungalow unit located at Villa Aseana,Mont Kiara. The owner prefers a more Balinese Tropical feel to the landscape but I've proposed that we keep it to a more modern Balinese as it is more easy to maintain and will create a more refreshing visual and feeling to the whole landscape.Here is a few shoots of the finished project which also consist of a Koi Pond and Gazebo with Timber Decking.
Front View of the Water Feature for Koi Pond

Overall View of the Whole Koi Pond & Timber Decking
with Gazebo and Planter Box

Timber Walkway towards Gazebo & Koi Pond Area

Close up View of the Gazebo and Surrounding Landscape

Car Park's Landscape

Car Park's Landscape

Side Garden

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