Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Revisit Previous Koi Pond Project - Mr. Yoga

Went to check out on Mr. Yoga's Koi Pond after 3 years. Pond water quality are still crystal clear and the finishes are still intact. Always insist on profesionally done koi pond instead of contractor who claim they knew how to construct one without a proper filter system and sub par work. Contact Nick ( 012 347 8812 ) for more information or inquiries. Thanks.

Mr. Yoga decorated the Koi Pond with Plants to soften up the area. 

Crystal Clear Water with Quality Workmanship. Money worth spend instead wasting money on a sub par work. 

Front View of The Koi Pond

Actual Video of the Koi Pond. Visit La Revee Landscape & Florist for a higher quality video. 

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