Thursday, January 26, 2012

Artificial Grass & Ficus Bonsai

Ever dream of having a very low maintenance yet stunningly beautiful landscape?

 Artificial Grass with Ficus Bonsai Landscape

 Artificial Grass with 1 Head Draco with Pots

 Ficus Bonsai

 Full Artificial Grass Landscape

Ficus Bonsai Landscape Area

Benefits of Artificial Grass
maintenance free
        there's no need to cut the grass every month or watering the grass area. Whole stretch of artificial grass will look the same green. The artificial grass color will change around 10-20% once installation due to exposure to sunlight since the stock is keep in closed area and once the color changed, it will remain the same. 

       since it's artificial, the color will remain the same. There's no more yellow patches of grass or dried up patches of dead grass.

cost saving
       in the long run, you will save much more money with artificial grass. There's no need to cut and watering the grass area.

Benefits of Ficus Bonsai
with a ficus bonsai, you will have a focus point for your landscape area.

cost saving
since you have a focus point, you could save costs for the rest of the landscape area. You will just need to beautified the landscape around the ficus bonsai and you will have a very nice landscape design. The maintenance for the ficus bonsai is also very low since the new leaf grows slowly not like the other type of bonsai.

Promotion Price!!!

Arficifial Grass RM11/sf ( exclude installation and site preparation )
warranty for artificial grass 8 years!!!

Ficus Bonsai Price starts from RM750 above

Feel free to call 0123478812 (Nick) to inquire more on the artificial grass and Bonsai. Thanks!


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