Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Ms. Farra - Denai Alam Koi Pond

Ms. Farra engaged my service after her koi pond's project got abandoned by an irresponsible contractor who claims to know how to build a koi pond. The existing pond's was without a filter system and the water feature's piping and workmanship are wrongly done. After demolishing the structure and rebuild it, this is the final result. 

Front View of the Koi Pond with 2 Water Features

Artificial Grass Landscape with Plants Isolated by Planter Box makes the area looks clean and nice.

Top view of the water quality. The water has been circulating and maintained by the bio filter for 1 month. The eco system just kick start and healthy algae stars to grow on the floor and wall of the pond but water still remains crystal clear.

Pebblewashed planter box are a better alternative to painted planter box. 

Actual video of the koi pond. 

Always insist on a professionally done koi pond. It will save you the trouble and money in the long run. Please contact Nick ( 012 347 8812 ) for more information. 

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