Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Mr. Wai - The Valley TTDI Ampang Koi Pond

Mr. Wai was introduced to me from my previous customer, Mr. Jay. He initially wanted a simple decorative pond but changed his mind when he saw Mr. Jay's pond with the koi fishes. I proposed to him to use artificial carving waterfall feature wall to better suit his area. I've also proposed to him to have a feature bonsai tree so that the overall look of the pond and garden are more special compared to others.

Special Feature Bonsai Tree beside the Koi Pond

Small Bonsai Tree at Side Garden

Special Japanese Bonsai Tree with Pot and Natural Rocks at the
 Front Entrance before the Koi Pond

Overall View of the Koi Pond and the Timber Decking. 
The whole pond size is 28'ft Length x 9'ft Width x 5'ft Deep. 

Panoramic View of the Overall Koi Pond.

This is the video of the overall look of the Koi Pond. Do click the link for the youtube link. 

Rest assured that we at La Revee Landscape & Florist will be able to provide you with a superb quality pond and a properly working filtration system to ensure that you will have a peace of mind for you and your koi fishes and for a reasonable price. 

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