Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Mrs. Tan - Ambang Botanic Koi Pond

Mrs. Tan came to me because her koi pond contractor ran away while doing the pond half way. The pond itself wasn't leaking but the water feature from the feature wall was leaking on 1 side due to poor workmanship. I suggested to Mrs. Tan to close the water feature from the feature wall up and leave only 1 water feature for the pond as too many water feature for a small pond will create many disturbance on the water to view the koi fishes. I've reapplied the water proofing, and relay the piping system on the filtration system which is again done poorly and will be rectified after Chinese New Year. This is the third pond rectification that i've done this past year due to poor workmanship and suspiciously cheap price of building a koi pond which ended up with owner needs to pay more than the existing price to keep the koi pond working.

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